Last call

TJ is the name, 26, born and bread in the beautiful state of Maine. Married to the best person in the world. Accident prone, anxiety fueled, advid Table Tennis player, addicted to music. Hope you enjoy your stay.
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  • Oh hey there panic attack didn’t see you sneak up on me

    Noelle told me last minute last night that we have 15 guest will be arriving at our house tomorrow for noelles best friends baby shower .. Everything just came rushing to me at once.. And I was mad at her because of the poor communication, if I would of know the number of people I could of got the permission from the snowmobile club that’s right across my house and had it there… Now I have 15 strangers that are going to be here. I have bad enough trust issues as it is..

    So this is all rushing through my head and I just can’t breath, my anxiety lvl is through the roof, I start to hyperventilate and the lovely dizziness kicks in and I’m sweating like a hog.. It’s been like 4 months I was doing so well…

    Please send happy thoughts my way tomorrow as I’m sure my anxiety will be through the roof…

    :D this happened this weekend

    James: Yo Ted, check out what I just bought!

    Ted: Mushrooms?

    James: Not just any mushrooms, these babies cost me 120 bucks. Wanna split them?

    Ted: Jesus dude, you dropped 120 dollars on those?

    James: Sure did. Plus tax.

    Ted: What? You paid tax?

    James: Yeah man, it was steep as fuck too. Fifteen percent. It’s like, thanks Obamba! Haha, amirite?

    Ted: Dude, so you’re telling me that you paid your dealer 15% tax?

    James: Well I payed A dealer 15% tax. Slavery days are over, Ted.

    Ted: What? No dude, I’m just saying that it doesn’t make sense to pay tax if you’re buying shit through the black market.

    James: Again with the racism?! We’re Americans, Ted. Not Arabs. Just because he was black doesn’t mean he should pay the tax for me.

    Ted: What?! I’m not saying that he-

    James: And you know what? I find the term “black market” highly offensive. Not all dealers are black.

    Ted: Dude listen-

    James: Some are Latino.

    Ted: DUDE!

    James: But yes, this one happened to be a person of African heritage, but that doesn’t justify generalization to the entirety of the African American population.

    Ted: Goddammit dude! That’s not what I meant! What I’m trying to say is-

    James: Listen Ted, I know what you’re trying to say. Fifteen percent is an extremely high rate, especially for a black person-

    Ted: What?! And I’m the racist one?

    James: It’s rude to interrupt people, Ted. As I was saying, the rate may have been high, but if it’s going to help fund the construction of a highway or two, then fine by me. But if my tax money is spent funding the war in Iraqistan, I’m gonna have a word or two to say to President Obamba. You know what I mean?

    Ted: Ok dude, putting all of that hypocrisy aside for a second, just answer me this.. Aren’t you majoring in accounting?

    James: Yeah, why?

    Ted: Because I’m pretty sure you fundamentally don’t understand how taxes function. But you know what? Fuck it. I don’t even care. Enjoy your fake, overpriced, shrooms.

    James: So do you want to split them or not?

    Ted: James.. those aren’t real. Your dealer scammed you. And, you know what? He didn’t just scam you. He scammed you on TWO different levels.

    James: Haha all right man, your loss. About to down these badboys with some chickpeas and chanterelles.

    Ted: ..You’re going to cook them?

    James: Yeah man, how else are you supposed to eat truffles?


    ahh yes the basketball. males 12+ only. nice

    Just going to leave this here : 

    1. For men, the official ball is 29.5 inches in circumference (size 7, or a “295 ball”) and weighs 22 oz. If women are playing, the officialbasketball size is 28.5 inches in circumference (size 6, or a “285 ball”) with a weight of 20 oz.

    (via chochosnow)

    Boston redsox 15 or so rows behind home play :). God my wife is so cute:)

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