Last call

TJ is the name, 26, born and bread in the beautiful state of Maine. Married to the best person in the world. Accident prone, anxiety fueled, advid Table Tennis player, addicted to music. Hope you enjoy your stay.
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  • I’ve some how managed to find a tenative name that we both agreed on

    without her knowing its for our dog.. 

    For now Finn is his name :)

    Finally after 5 years of waiting my wife will have her very own Corgi :) 

    From our first date when I asked her if she was a Cat or Dog person, she said, “Well I’m an animal lover but I have always wanted a Corgi”.

    And she has no clue that I’m getting the little guy for her.  :D

    Out of all 6  Ella(The momma) had she received 3 girls and 3 boys.  Which was a huge improvement from last litter where she only had one pup (don’t remember the technical term for it).

    I was the last one on her list to get one of the pups, and we got this little brindle stud.  

    The breeder asked me what I wanted to name him.  And I started to panic because I didn’t know this was apart of the process.  Kate (the breeder) said that puppies can be brought home at eight weeks.  She said that she likes to keep her pups from around 10-12 weeks, because she gets the corgi’s examined at the vet so they’re insured (I think to make sure they have healthy hips and what not.) And also by doing this she wants to know the dogs name so she can immediately start calling them by name so they can learn their name faster. She also starts obedience training with them early so it helps get a jump start for us. But anyways, the NAME!

    The whole day at work I was trying to think of ways to broach the subject with Noelle. So I just said fuck it, I’m gonna just start texting and whatever I think up on the spot is what I’m sending her. (I’m horrible at keeping secrets from her, she knows me too well.)  So I said, “Hey hun, my buddy from Rhode Island (actual friend) is having a litter of corgis(actually having a litter of beagles believe it or not same time frame and everything.)  wanna see a few pics?!? 

    She says back to me, “Is the fuckin’ pope catholic? Ya dip shit” (She loves me I swear it.)

    So I send her these photos (minus the two of the one we’re getting) and asked her which ones were her favorites.  

    And she actually picked the one we’re getting!!!!!!

    Once I got that far, I then texted her, “He’s having a hard time coming up with a name for one of the pups, he wants you and I to come up with a name for him.

    The suspense is killing me cause she has yet to text back (due to her being at work)… I’ve looked at dog names all day.. So far I like the name Jinx, or Bran.. But this is her pup so what she comes up with is what it’s gonna be :D









    CNN REPORTER Fredricka Whitfield interviews the Store Owner’s Lawyer (from the store that was “”“”“”“robbed”“”“”“”“”“”” by “”“”“”“”“”mike brown”“”“”“”“”“)

    As the lawyer begins to explain what really happened, cnn “”“”“loses the feed”“”“”“


    that fucking tape rewinding sound this shit is sooooooo staged

    oh my god thats the worst fake signal interruption ive ever seen

    LMAO!! how do u have a tape rewinding sound on a digital feed? bwahahahahahaa they think we that stupid lol there hasnt been a tape in cnn since 1996

    ohhh my god thats so fake that is fucking blatant


    Thats cnn doing some great left wing news for ya!

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