Last call

TJ is the name, 26, born and bread in the beautiful state of Maine. Married to the best person in the world. Accident prone, anxiety fueled, advid Table Tennis player, addicted to music. Hope you enjoy your stay.
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  • I’m now a Ritalin kid

    What the hell, why the fuck not.. Whats another pill.. Lexapro, Ritalin,Hydroxzine(spelling..) what else they gonna throw at me.. 

    I’m very pleased with Finns temperament

    Kate ( the breeder) and I looked at each other in amazement with how well Finn took to Noelle. Not gonna lie I got a little teary-eyed… So stoked with this pup :)

    My boss just told us she is getting done for another position

    I’m seriously going to miss her she was probably the best manager anyone has ever had.. I’m actually really sad.

    Welcomed back to Maine with this lovely fall weather

    I’ve never slept so well in my life!!

    And a cat hay won’t leave my side :)

    A few photos of our cruise… I hope all is well with everyone!!

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